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Why Kintsugi Collections...

The Japanese believe there is beauty in imperfection. When something breaks it is repaired with gold, making it stronger and more beautiful. This process is called "kintsugi". 

We live in such a wonderful world. It is truly inspirational to see how our neighbors interpret and express their environment and experiences filling any cracks with gold, through art, to make themselves and their community stronger and more beautiful. The Kintsugi name of our shop came from the belief that art, of any kind, can be the gold that repairs a person's soul making it stronger and more beautiful. 

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~ Shiane ~

Shiane is a self-taught, internationally recognized, artist whose original art tends to lean towards an impressionism or surrealism style that often uses music, and the emotion it evokes, as inspiration. 

Located in Tampa, Florida, Shiane has participated in gallery showings across the United States and loves for her art to support philanthropic causes. In addition to continuing to expand her artistic horizons she also practices meditation, enjoys the warmth of bonfires on cold nights, spending time with the people she loves, and as any true Floridian would … spending time near the water at one of our beautiful beaches. 

~ Casey ~

Casey is a self-taught photographer and artist who came to Florida by way of Dallas, Texas. With his photography, he enjoys capturing the unique beauty of his natural surroundings with different angles and perspectives. His art tends to lean towards the surrealistic style and often involves mixed media collages where he enjoys mixing his talents for acrylic painting, photography, and digital art. His photography has captured some of the more breathtaking scenes nature has to offer.  

In addition to supporting his artistic and photography endeavors, Casey is also a life and wellness coach & meditation instructor who has practiced meditation for a decade. 

Both Casey & Shiane enjoy broadening their skills by practicing new techniques, taking classes, and watching online tutorials. 
Thank you for taking the time to view our art! We hope that you enjoy what you see.


Casey & Shiane

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